• Outdoor public access is available in the back parking lot near the outdoor pavilion. Connect to FBCDGuest. No password is required. Outdoor WiFi is available virtually 24/7 — it is unavailable during our Sunday morning worship service from 10:30 AM until approximately 12 noon. No reservation is required to use the outdoor access.
• You may also reserve a space in one of our classrooms during office hours of 8:30 AM until 5 PM.

• Complete the form below
– Enter your name and contact information
– In event name, enter Request for Wifi
– Select the date and time
– Enter the CATCHPA
– Press next
• On the next page
– Verify your information
– Select any classroom (please select only one)
– If the classroom you pick is already booked, it will display “conflict”
– If there is a conflict, try a different room
– Click “Submit Event”
• That’s it. Classroom Wifi requests are approved during office hours. You’ll receive an email confirming your request when it’s approved.