The goal of the student ministry at FBC, Dandridge is to develop mature, Christian teenagers and help them transition into mature, Christian adulthood. James 1:22 says, “Be doers of the word, and not hearers only.” Our students are encouraged not to simply come and listen to God’s word, but to go and put it into practice in their daily lives.

We have a number of programs and activities to help our students grow. The two primary ones are Sunday School and Wednesday Night Live. In Sunday School, our students are working through a new series called The Gospel Project. In it, they are studying how God has spoken in the world, how Christ obeyed, explained and fulfilled God’s word, and how we should then respond and submit to God’s word.

Wednesday Night Live (WNL) is the name of our Wednesday night worship service that meets at 6 P.M. At WNL, our students worship God through music and the study of His word. We recently finished a series on the Ten Commandments, looking at how the law for Christians was meant to change our hearts and conform us into the image of God. Currently, we are studying through the gospel of John and looking at the life and ministry of Jesus and how we should respond accordingly.

In addition to Sunday School and WNL, our students ministry offers a variety of other events and activities to help our students grow. One is Disciple Now, a weekend event filled with worship and Bible study. Another is Student Life Camp, where they can get away for a week to focus on God and have fun. Our students also take a mission trip every summer where they can live out the gospel in a variety of ways. In addition, our student ministry has a number of other events throughout the year where they can have fun, fellowship, and worship God. Our hope in all these things is that our students will come to love God, but also to develop habits that will help them mature in their faith.