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VBS Online Registration is Now Closed

VBS Online Registration is Now Closed!!!!



Just come any day this week before or during VBS and register the registraiton desk.

Monday - Friday 9AM-12Noon

VBS Online Registration Instructions

Registration Instructions

Please read through the instructions in their entirety before beginning.

1.  Click on the link below (at bottom of page) to open a new browser window.

2.  Under "Tell us a little about yourself to get started," please enter your information as a Parent/Guardian or other adult who is registering a child.  Again, this is for the adult's contact information.  Don't worry about your kids.  We'll get their information in a minute.

3.  Click NEXT. 




VBSReg24.  Under "Who is attending this event?" please DO NOT uncheck your name as the parent/guardian/other adult. We know as an adult, you're probably not actually coming to Vacation Bible School but we do still need to get your information. Make sure to leave your name checkedClick "Add a guest" and then type the full name of the child that will be attending. If you have more than one child attending, click "Add another guest" as many times as necessary.

5.  Click NEXT









6.  On the next page of registration under your name as the adult, make sure that Registration Type is set to "0. Parent/Guardian."

7.  Fill out the questions under your name such as address, phone, email, and who can pick up your children.





8.  Scroll down.  Under your child's name, set the Registration Type to "Child/Student GRADE COMPLETED" where grade completed is either your child's age or the last grade that they completed in school.  When you do that, the questions under their name will change.  Please answer the questions about their birthdate and any allergies they might have.

9.  Scroll down and for each child listed, be sure to change the Registration Type to "Child/Student GRADE COMPLETED" where grade completed is the child's age or the last grade the completed in school.




VBS 2018 Online Registration

Job Description - Ministry Assistant FT

First Baptist Church of Dandridge is accepting resumes for the following position:

Ministry Assistant -- Full Time

Resumes can be submitted to:
First Baptist Church of Dandridge
Attn: Personnel Committee
PO Box 246
Dandridge, TN 37725

or electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The position of Ministry Assistant is responsible to serve the church by assisting the pastors and other ministry leaders in fulfilling the administrative needs of ministry.


  • The candidate must be at least twenty-one years of age, and be subject to all background checks.

  • The candidate must have a high school diploma (or equivalent); an associate’s or advanced degree is preferable.

  • The candidate must have prior secretarial experience in an office setting, along with adequate computer and communication skills.

  • The candidate must be people-oriented, trustworthy, punctual, organized, self-motivated, positive, and teachable. He or she must demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, have the ability to work well with others, and maintain a high level of confidentiality.


  • Serve as the office receptionist by greeting and assisting all members and visitors.

  • Answer all telephone calls, emails, and faxes; forwarding messages as needed.

  • Maintain the official church calendar and process event requests.

  • Assist pastors and ministry leaders with administrative tasks as needed.

  • Prepare weekly and monthly communication pieces, such as bulletins, prayer sheets, newsletters, reminder postcards (e.g. deacons meetings, nursery, counting committee, and widows might), and business meeting materials (minutes, committee reports, financials, etc.).

  • Create phone messages for the automated calling system (with pastor’s approval), which contacts all members with urgent announcements and prayer needs.

    Job Description: Ministry Assistant First Baptist Church Dandridge, 2016

  • Process new church members by adding them to ACS, scheduling their baptism (if needed), sending them a new members packet, and submitting their membership card to the Church Clerk.

  • Produce all church publications as needed: leadership directory, policy booklets, deacon notebooks, etc.

  • Distribute weekly Sunday School roll sheets and record class attendance records. The same should be done for the children’s Wednesday evening programs.

  • Assist the Sunday School director in ordering study literature.

  • Assist in keeping the church website up-to-date.

  • Attend weekly staff meetings, and provide calendars, pending event requests, and prayer sheets for those in attendance.

  • Set building thermostats.

  • Process maintenance requests for custodians.

  • Order and maintain all office supplies, paper, and postage.

  • Pick up mail from the US Post Office daily.

  • Process all benevolence requests.

  • Update church bulletin boards and outdoor advertisement sign as requested.

  • Assist in Vacation Bible School administration.

  • Coordinate between wedding parties and the church, which includes: checking the church calendar and schedule for availability; giving tours of the requested facilities; going over specific rules, fees, and contracts; scheduling requested church-based services (A/V, janitorial, etc.); answering questions; collecting fees.

  • Assist the Dandridge Ministerial Association (DMA) with printed materials as needed, and maintain the Food Pantry volunteer calendar.

  • Perform all other duties related to this role as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

    Job Description: Ministry Assistant First Baptist Church Dandridge, 2016 

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